JChem for Office - Handle, Share and Report your Research Data with Live Chemistry in a Familiar Suite of Tools

presentation · 8 years ago
by Aurora Costache, Viktor Hámori (ChemAxon)
JChem for Excel JChem for Office

The new and exciting addition of ChemAxon's products, JChem for Office enables you to have live chemistry in all familiar MS Office tools at a click of a button. The lightweight and intuitive consistent ribbon across all MS Office tools allows you to use the well-known functionalities without the hassle to learn new ones. You do know already how to add table templates in Word and Power Point and also how to add calculated functions in Excel. JChem for Office preserves all these all known functionalities and adds live structures in your Excel spreadsheets, documents, slides and emails, calendars or tasks. Are you worried that your colleagues or collaborator will not see the chemical structures in the document you just shared with them? No worries, JChem for Excel converts live chemistry structures to images so everyone will know what are you "talking" about without having our MSOffice plugin. If you are a user of Instant JChem and want to pull out and share the data from your corporation database into any MS Office tools you can now easily do it using JChem for Office. Easy to import and export, sort and filter data, one click to generate an SAR tables to analyze your chemistry and biology data in once and share it directly in your emails are just a few of the functionalities that JChem for Office offers you. In this presentation you will be introduced to an easy workflow to import, export, analyze, share and report your chemistry and biology data using well known tools you already use every day.

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