Making developing chemistry based systems easier - new (and old) languages and frameworks on the Java virtual machine.

presentation · 12 years ago
by Tim Dudgeon (ChemAxon)

The latest standards for enterprise systems based on the Java platform can provide new approaches bringing type-safety, better support for refactoring, more reuse, extensibility and testability to the development process. However, these approaches have not often been used in the development of chemistry based systems, such as those using Marvin and JChem, which typically still rely on approaches such as JDBC and JSP. We have investigated some of these more promising approaches for building Marvin and JChem based web applications. We will illustrate the use of: - Hibernate and JPA persistence frameworks that make writing database persistence code simpler and less error prone, and show how these can be used with JChem Cartridge and JChem Base, - modern component based web frameworks such as Wicket and Grails that promote reuse at the UI layer and allow web based applications or web services to be created with little effort, - alternative languages on the JVM such as Groovy as an to aid productivity and in creating domain specific languages.