Presentation of a web-based ELN system

presentation · 9 years ago
by Zsolt Skribanek (Sysment)

The Sysment Notebook is a modular, configurable web-based electronic laboratory notebook application. It makes the documents – visible representations of the experiments – generally available via internet browsers with browser independency. The application is based on modern Microsoft .NET architecture. The Sysment Notebook Core software is database independent. It can be used on variety of database engines from the simplest freeware to the most complex RDBMS (for example: SQLite, Oracle, MSSql, MySql, etc…). Sysment Notebook can be used by organizations of all sizes and can be installed in-house or remotely hosted. The main concept was to develop a well-equipped "core" software with basic functionality prepared for many plug-in modules offered by us or requested by the customers. The Sysment Notebook is a workflow-driven application. Many instances of the same workflow can exist in parallel due to the enhanced workflow handling. Several Documents can be opened, many Browse and Search forms can be active in the same time. Sysment Notebook is a modular application, and the modules are self-configurable to be used across multiple scientific disciplines. The core module of the Sysment Notebook can handle the adminstrative data; joint data like project and keywords; text and images; file attachments for example MS Office documents, JChem for Excel files, analytical files and more. The chemistry handling module contains the reaction structure handling with automated calculations, possibility of importing reagents from databases and direct compound registration. This module uses the ChemAxon JChem Base for data manipulation in the business layer and the MarvinSketch applet for reaction and molecule editing. The protein handling module extends the chemistry handling module with the ability to handle protein data by using the BioChemFusion Proteax software.