Utilizing Marvin in rich internet applications using Microsoft  Silverlight

presentation · 9 years ago
by Hans Jürgen Himmler (AKos GmbH)

Microsoft Silverlight is a rather new Web technology that allows to build LOB (Line of business) applications that combine the convenience of a Web Userinterface with the characteristics of a desktop application. Technolgies such as Java Applets or Javascript can seamlessly be integrated in Silverlight applications. We developed a Silverlight application called ‘CWM Global Search’, an Internet Search Engine specifically targeted for chemists. All rendering and/or editing of chemical content is done using Marvin sketcher and Marvin molecule tables. Other ChemAxon technology such as the ChemAxon ‘Structure to Name’ service or Chemicalize Property calculation and Chemicalize Search is utilized to help the user in either query building, searching and result processing. We outline how ChemAxon’s technology helped us in solving some of our challenges and demonstrate how ChemAxon technology is used in the application.