JChem for SharePoint

Making SharePoint chemically intelligent

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used web-based collaboration platform, which enhances internal communication opportunities between working teams at different locations. Organizations can set up Web Sites to securely share information with others to manage projects, documents or publish reports for supporting corporate decisions. JChem for SharePoint is a Microsoft SharePoint integrated tool, combining all SharePoint functionalities with ChemAxon's robust chemistry platform. Thus chemical intelligence can be paired up with collaborative features or corporate document management. Scientists will be able to manage their chemical and non-chemical information within one platform.

Search for chemical structures and names in data repositories

JChem for SharePoint adds ChemAxon's Chemical Data Extraction technology and the robust search capabilities of the JChem Engines to MS SharePoint. This allows users to find any chemical names (IUPAC, traditional name, SMILES and InChI), OLE objects and structural file formats in documents across a selected domain or a file repository and perform structure based search. Combined chemical queries, using structural and free text search, can also be accomplished. JChem for SharePoint supports the most popular file formats like PDF, TXT, HTML, XML, MS Office documents (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX), OpenOffice ODT etc. Structures on JChem for Excel, ISIS or ChemDraw workbook are also searchable.

Connect your SharePoint to our JChem technology

Our indexing and chemical database technology adds chemical intelligence to MS SharePoint, resulting in a flexible and powerful project and information management tool for research and development. JChem for SharePoint understands chemistry related information (even your corporate structure IDs), and it can extract it for further characterization or analysis. Switching on JChem for SharePoint capabilities in your corporate MS SharePoint is rather straightforward with the central administration pages, or via Powershell commands for more advanced users. JChem specific features have to be activated first on the required site collections, and then they can be enabled on SharePoint lists, libraries, discussion boards, blogs and wikis.

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Add, edit and filter chemical information

Our chemical editor, Marvin, along with other editors, is integrated into JChem for SharePoint. Therefore adding and editing a chemical structure on SharePoint sites, pages, wikis, discussion boards or blogs is very convenient and easy. JChem technology supports the import of thousands of chemical structures into SharePoint lists, and also ensures the capabilities for structure-based filtering. Similarity, substructure, superstructure and full structure searches can be performed within SharePoint, with MOL, SDF, SMILES, MRV and JChem for Excel file formats supported.

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Managing chemical structures in SharePoint lists with JChem for SharePoint

Chemical search in SharePoint

JChem for SharePoint allows performing structural and text-based chemical search with all the search options our JChem Engines provide. Regardless of how you define your chemical query, drawing a structure with Marvin or typing chemical names, CAS numbers, SMILES or InChI or the combination of both, the retrieved results will contain all chemical information that matches to your criteria. Search result is enhanced with hit highlighting feature and can be visualized in two different display formats: as documents or as structure hit list.

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Calculate properties in SharePoint lists

The imported compounds are immediately available for review and further analysis. Via our JChem technology ChemAxon's physico-chemical property calculations are available for further characterizing the structures of a SharePoint list. Calculated properties can be used for filtering, searching, sorting or vizualizing the chemical and related data. For any new structures these calculations will be automatically updated and displayed.

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The document and structure hit list after a chemical search with JChem for SharePoint



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