Plexus Suite

Easy to operate web-based solutions for life science project teams

Plexus Suite is a web-based software package for accessing, displaying, searching and analyzing scientific data. Several ChemAxon tools are integrated into the software suite - With more future versions to follow! Plexus brilliantly combines ChemAxon's strong chemistry knowledge with all the technical benefits of a browser-based environment. Plexus Suite aims to provide solutions for: the registration process, virtual library design and text mining, data analysis and database management. It's a versatile system suited for workflows ranging from, small biotech start-ups, to large pharmaceutical corporations. Plexus Suite consists of various tools, each tool adds specific knowledge to the major query - Plexus Connect. Currently, Plexus Design and Plexus Analysis expand the list of available features of Plexus Connect.
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Plexus Connect - Accessing your life science data anytime, anywhere

Plexus Connect provides the backbone of the Plexus Suite. It relies on the robust search of JChem Engines and on the data handling of Instant JChem. Plexus Connect accesses to the chemical databases designed and managed within Instant JChem, thus research data will be available in an online environment. Plexus Connect allows scientists to view, search and analyze their data on an intuitive interface that can be shared with peers easily.

Plexus Connect interface

Plexus Connect - Web-based solution for your workflow

Plexus Connect offers the following capabilities:

  • Quick import of data from files or from databases.
  • Customizable views with conditional formatting, colouring or sorting to visualize the data set. Display multiple views on the screen with synchronized data.
  • Role based security settings define access rights to delete, add or edit data fields.
  • Easy search in any content of the standard databases, and even filter option based on structural patterns. Search queries can be saved for later use.
  • Extensive list management to save search results, edit them later and even combine several lists using logical operations.
  • Export among others to SDF, TXT, MS Excel (also JChem for Excel) and PDF file formats.
  • Share your formatted views, results, queries or lists simply via a hyperlink.

Plexus Design - Expanding the chemical space

Plexus Design adds virtual library enumeration, physico-chemical property prediction and calculation, and Markush technology to Plexus Suite.

Plexus Analysis - Web-based data visualization and analysis

Plexus Analysis adds basic charting and visualization options to Plexus Suite; making discovering important connections in your data easier. It relies on ChemAxon's robust chemistry engines, that empowers Plexus Analysis to display even millions of data points.

  • Support of the most popular chart types like histograms and multidimensional scatter plots
  • Dynamic visualization of datasets with millions of points
  • Keeping the granularity of the data to give a detailed view at individual molecule level
  • Curve fitting with linear and non-linear regression

Plexus Analysis - Visualizing big data

High performance, security and consistency

As Plexus Suite is a web-application, most of the highly demanding tasks such as structure searches are performed on the server machine, therefore the application performance is very good - even on lower specification client machines. Additionally, Plexus Connect supports the JChem Cartridge for Oracle, which can reduce the hardware demands even more. Plexus Connect utilizes robust user authentication and authorization protocols. A single security mechanism (e.g. LDAP) can be set up by the system administrator that will then be used by all database connections available through the server. Separating the client from the database and the optional read-only user interface - further improving security.

Plexus Architechture