Spotfire Integration

Integration with Spotfire offers powerful data visualization and statistical analysis in Instant JChem

The integration of Instant JChem with TIBCO’s Spotfire Professional results in a powerful combination of the two software allowing researchers to speed up the analysis of large chemical libraries. With Instant JChem one can create and manage large amounts of chemical and non-chemical data, which then can be visualized in Spotfire while building high quality reports.

Personal Server and Spotfire Tools

The Spotfire Integration tool in Instant JChem plays an important role in setting up an interactive communication route between clients using open data communication protocol (OData). Spotfire Integration can be started from Instant JChem directly, and as an active interface it manages the data transfer in an interactive fashion. This process makes sharing structural and non-structural information with Spotfire seamless.

For data analysis Spotfire offers an arsenal of visualization tools (e. g.: table, scatter plots, 3D scatter plots, pie chart, combination chart, heat map, etc.), quick and flexible filtering options as well as statistical analysis tools (e. g.: K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, data relationship, etc.). With the help of these functions large chemical libraries, managed by Instant JChem, can quickly be analyzed, reduced and fed back to Instant JChem for further chemical processing and storing. Furthermore, the analysis results can be exported into Microsoft PowerPoint or into pdf. For a more basic visualization tool check out Plexus Analysis.



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