Cheminformatic Tools for Medicinal Chemists

publication · 11 years ago
by Steven W. Muchmore, Jeremy J. Edmunds, Kent D. Stewart, Philip J. Hajduk (Abbott Laboratories)
Biography Steven W. Muchmore, Ph.D., is an Associate Research Fellow in Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development at Abbott Laboratories. Steve joined Abbott in 1994 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and in 1995 became a full-time scientist in Structural Biology. In 2001, he assumed leadership of Abbott’s fledgling Computational Structural Biology group and in 2007 became the leader of Abbott’s Cheminformatics group. His leadership has brought to Abbott new methods and technologies for doing computational ligand and structure-based drug design. Jeremy J. Edmunds is the Director of Medicinal Chemistry for the Immunology therapeutic area at Abbott Laboratories. Here he is responsible for a group of medicinal and analytical chemists that design and synthesize compounds to treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and asthma. He received his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Imperial College, U.K. under the supervision of Professor William Motherwell. After postdoctoral studies with Professor Anthony Barrett, he joined Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research, division of Warner Lambert, in 1990. There he remained through the acquisition by Pfizer to lead a group of medicinal chemists as the Director of Cardiovascular Chemistry. He joined Abbott in 2006 and currently enjoys medicinal chemistry and preclinical studies at the Abbott Laboratories site in Worcester, MA. Kent D. Stewart is Volwiler Research Fellow within the Structural Biology group in Abbott Global Pharmaceutical R&D. After receiving his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles, under the direction of Donald J. Cram and postdoctoral work in biochemistry under Emil T. Kaiser, Jr. at Rockefeller University, he held several pharmaceutical and academic appointments before joining Abbott in 1992. He provides molecular modeling support in molecular design and protein engineering to discovery teams across all research divisions of Abbott. Philip J. Hajduk is the Associate Director of Lead Discovery at Abbott Laboratories, where he is responsible for the High-Throughput Screening, Fragment-Screening, Cheminformatics, and Compound Management groups. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the University of Illinois in 1989, and he received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1993. Phil started at Abbott Laboratories as a postdoctoral fellow under Dr. Stephen Fesik and was converted to Staff Scientist in 1996. In his current role, Phil directs a multidisciplinary approach to lead generation and optimization and continues to apply and expand the utility of cheminformatic and fragment-based approaches to drug design.
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