A series of organically templated vanadium selenites has been prepared under mild hydrothermal conditions. Single crystals of [C 5 H 1 4 N 2 ]-[(VO)3(SeO3)2(HSeO3)4], [C5H14N2][VO(SeO3)2], [(R)-C5H14N2][(VO)3(SeO3)2(HSeO3)4], and [(S)-C5H14N2]-[(VO)3(SeO3)2(HSeO3)4] were grown from VOSO4, SeO2, and 2-methylpiperazine. Controlling the initial pH of the reaction mixture allows for one to select between the compounds found in the VOSO4/SeO2/2-methylpiperazine system, as the solution pH directly affects the relative ratio of the HSeO3− and SeO3 2− concentrations. Moreover, partial resolution of racemic 2-methylpiperazine is observed in [C5H14N2][(VO)3(SeO3)2(HSeO3)4], which is understood through the use of a one-dimensional Ising model. The use of enantiomerically pure 2-methylpiperazine results in fully ordered and fully resolved structures.

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