Takeda Pharmaceutical's E-Notebook Project Report

publication · 8 years ago
by Akihiko Harada (Fujitsu)
Compliance Checker

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited faces three problems: controlling cost and time in activities to discover drugs, finding a solution to patent disputes, and helping our customers to observe compliance. To solve these problems. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Fujitsu Limited cooperated to establish E-Notebook and its related effective systems, which are a long-term signature system, a system to check regulatory controls on chemical compounds, and a chemical compound database system. These can be used to thoroughly computerize information on drug discovery. As a result, we have improved systems to input and record data in compound synthesis studies, helped organizations observe compliance by protecting against synthesis of illegal chemical compounds, and made it possible to establish evidence on the date of a drugs discovery with an electronic certificate. We have improved the quality of our customers' drug discovery activities by realizing measures to resolve patent disputes, helped them observe compliance, and improved the operations of our customers' scientists.

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