JChem for SharePoint - How to use the JChem List Export

tutorial · 11 years ago
JChem for SharePoint

Short video describing how to export the structures from a SharePoint list using the JChem List Export.

Welcome to the eighth training video of the JChem for SharePoint Installation and Usage series.
This episode will show and explain how to export a list with at least one JChem Structure field using the JChem List Export feature.
You can export the list to various structure and/or file formats, including SMILES, IUPAC name, SD file and JChem for Excel.
Let's navigate to the NCI list, which was previously imported (see the video on how to import chemical files)
Select the List tab from the Ribbon.
Whenever a list contains at least one JChem Structure column, the JChem List Export button is enabled.
Click the JChem List Export.
Choose the structure column and also select the additional chemical term columns atom count and IUPAC name.
Select the SD file format.
Click OK to export and save the resulting file.
Now let's import back the file, to check the results.
The file content was recognized and it contains the additional columns we selected to export earlier.
The file is imported successfully.
Let's export now to a JChem for Excel document the same NCI list.
Press OK and save the spreadsheet.
Let's open it to check the results.
The list was exported successfully.
Finally, you can experiment with all the possible output formats and export options.
Please check the next videos to discover other advanced features of JChem for SharePoint.