User Meeting Europe 2019

May 21 – 23, 2019 · Budapest, Hungary

We have 3 good reasons, at the very minimum, to invite all chemists, biologists and computer science professionals involved in computer aided research to join us on this meeting: #1 - We have grouped our presentations to address the hottest topics in cheminformatics. We will talk about artificial intelligence (AI), graph platforms to handle chemical data, cloud based solutions or a single application to handle small and large molecules from. #2 - Beside the talks and use-cases, you will have the opportunity to try these solutions right after the related sessions. Bring your own laptop with, and you will be able to follow our hands-on workshop in each session. #3 - Networking is the core of our events. You can reconnect with peers, colleagues and ChemAxoners. You can discuss your tailored scientific, development or business issues with the most relevant person. You will have a gazillion of opportunities during coffee breaks, but also on our Garden Party or on the main social.
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