Chemical Structures Hidden in Patents; Markush Data in the Derwent World Patents Index with ChemAxon Software

webinar · 9 years ago
by Don Walter, David Deng (ChemAxon, Thomson Reuters)

This is a webinar on how to find patents containing specific and Markush chemical structures that you or your competitors may have patented. Patents sometime mentioned chemical structures explicitly (e.g. Amoxicillin) and sometimes only implicitly (e.g. “A compound having the formula I, where R1 = A, B, C, …, R2 = X, Y, Z, …,” etc.). The latter type of disclosure, called a Markush structure, may protect your compound without explicitly mentioning it. Furthermore, a Markush may cover an astronomical number of structures, only a few of which might lead to your application. We will demonstrate how you can find both specific chemical structures and Markush structures in patents, how to find those patents which disclose your structure for a given application and suggest convenient ways in which these structures can be explored in your research. This information can be used for research, patentability, freedom to operate, patent defense and other critical decisions. This presentation is open only to users and those considering the solution. We reserve the right to restrict attendance.