CRAIS Checker -The controlled substance checker system

webinar · 8 years ago
by Krisztián Niesz (ChemAxon)
CRAIS Checker

Have you ever been in a situation when you or your peers worked with a controlled substance without even knowing about it? Maybe you’ve purchased a reagent to fulfill your synthesis needs, or shipped a compound to your CRO outside of country borders, and while doing so the changes in the appropriate regulations have skipped your attention? This webinar is to introduce a system to you that saves you from a lot of hassle you are currently dealing with in terms of company compliance. CRAIS Checker offers a solution via allowing you to easily identify and follow legislation information, and to take the appropriate steps before starting your synthesis, purchasing reagents, importing/exporting compounds. It is a versatile system using chemical intelligence to check whether the compounds you are using fall under any national or international laws and regulations, which are repeatedly updated and stored in a database as part of the complete solution. Integrating CRAIS Checker with other corporate systems will greatly reduce your workload and let you concentrate on other scientifically relevant issues.