JChem Engines Webinar: Development of a Robust Chemical Search Technology

webinar · 4 years ago
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18th October Wednesday, 4 pm CET / 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 3 pm GMT / 8:30 pm IST


Andras Volford - Product Owner of JChem Engines, ChemAxon

Do you want to boost search, storage, and data management functions?

JChem technology allows individuals and project teams to combine chemical search with non-chemical queries. It can handle standard molecules, as well as reactions, polymers, and Markush structures - Or even add extra chemical intelligence to websites. As a search engine, it performs fast substructure, similarity or exact structure searches among others.

This presentation will highlight ChemAxon’s robust core technology; focusing on the search capabilities of various tools - throughout different platforms. We will:
  • Introduce handy search features, and various chemical structure types that can be handled
  • Show the management of tautomers and stereochemistry in JChem Engines
  • Demonstrate the newest search engine features through real examples
  • Walk through current innovations and our aim to extend the technology to the cloud and other distributed systems (like Hadoop)

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