Reaxys and ChemAxon Webinar: How to Identify Known Activities of a Chemotype on Primary and Non-Primary Target Classes via SAR Analysis

webinar · 4 years ago
(ChemAxon, Reaxys)
JChem for Office Marvin JS

The drug discovery landscape is rapidly changing and drives the need to generate leads with lower attrition rates.

In this webinar,ChemAxon's Aurora Costache and Elsevier's Derrick Umali talk about ChemAxon Tools (Marvin JS and JChem for Office plugin) and NEW Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry in Reaxys enables:

  • Better discovery and exploration of structure-activity relationship
  • A more efficient property-based drug design approach

We will cover the following:

  • Reaxys filters and heatmaps to create an SD file export for analysis
  • Marvin JS tips and tricks for better substructure searching
  • R-Group decomposition and SAR analysis using JChem for Office plugin from ChemAxon
  • Hypothesis testing on functional group importance for selectivity against a target