Discounted Licenses

Academic and non-profit scientific communities have always been supported by ChemAxon via free or discounted software solutions, as well as we are offering custom-tailored options for startups and research institutes.

Free Tools for Chemical Drawing and Calculations

Chemicalize provides a variety of physico-chemical calculations and predictions, chemical drawing and name-structure conversion as an online service. If you prefer a desktop tool, you can use Marvin, our advanced chemical editor, which supports publication-quality drawing, physico-chemical calculations and name-structure conversion.

The free version of Marvin is for non-commercial, individual users only.

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Chemicalize and Marvin user interfaces

Academic License for Teaching or Research

This option is yours if you've checked the drawing, calculation and naming functionalities of Chemicalize and Marvin, yet you need a more sophisticated and complex software solution. To apply, you must be affiliated with an educational institution that grants academic degrees, and you are allowed to run non-commercial research only. If you receive money from a 3rd party (company or government), please scroll down to read more about discounts for you. The Academic License is valid for 2 years, including the new product versions released until expiry. This period might be extended if you publish a scientific paper where ChemAxon is cited. Read more about the conditions.

Please note that your request will be queued in our system, and we might get back with an answer to you after several working days.

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Academic License for Research and Teaching

FreeWeb License

This program provides all the technology required to set up chemical communications and structure database storage, management and search capabilities for non-commercial, freely accessible web servers and pages. The FreeWeb license is valid for 2 years, and it includes Marvin JS, JChem Base, Web Services, Chemical Structure Representation Toolkit and our calculation tools. Contact us to apply for a FreeWeb License. Read the conditions.

Discounts for Academia, Startups and Non-Profit Organizations

Where our free provision is not suitable, for instance, when commercial relationships prohibit the use of our academic license, we provide extensive discounts for academic research institutions, called Commercial Academic License. Read more about the conditions. We can provide discounts for startup companies and non-profit organizations. Deffered payment plans are also available in accordance to individual situation. Contact us to find out more.