ChemAxon and an Electronic Research Habitat at the Biopolis Experimental Research Centre

presentation · 12 years ago
by Peter Condron (Experimental Therapeutics Centre (ETC))
JChem Cartridge

The Experimental Therapeutics Centre, the newest ASTAR Research Institute is located at the Biopolis, Singapore’s bio-medical research campus. ETC was formed to “mine the gap” between basic and applied biomedical research, enhancing high potential projects in order to move them towards commercial development. To manage the various high through-put technology platforms that have been assembled at ETC in support of our mission, we have constructed an “Electronic Research Habitat”, a comprehensive hardware and software infrastructure designed to effectively manage terabyte dataflows in the context of ETC’s knowledge based workplace. We implemented ChemAxon as the Habitat's cheminformatics platform and describe here our on-going development and integration of ChemAxon into our electronic environment.