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From 2024-08-18 to 2024-08-22
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ACS Fall 2024

Join us at the ACS Fall 2024 event in Denver, Colorado. We would love to chat about software solutions for compound design, model building & property prediction, chemical structure search and more.

From 2024-09-01 to 2024-09-05
EFMC-ISMC 2024 - main image-1


Join us at the 22nd EFMC-ISMC event in Rome, Italy. We are excited to discuss topics such as software solutions for compound design, model building and property prediction, as well as chemical structure search and other related areas.

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ChemTalks 2024

ChemTalks is asking the question: how can technology bridge silos within drug discovery? Join us for a great conference in Basel, September 25th, 2024!

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Successful Hypothesis and Synthesis Tracking with Design Hub

In this webinar Dora Barna presents how Design Hub facilitates data-driven decision making and increases the efficiency of drug discovery project execution.

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Closing the Loop: How to Improve the Management of Your DMTA Cycle

This webinar helps you find ways to create a seamless workflow for researching small molecules within the DMTA cycle by demonstrating how to utilize Design Hub and D360 together. 

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Compound design and synthesis tracking with CRO's in the loop

In this on-demand webinar Andras Stracz presents the benefits of using a shared system with CROs, with split level access.