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We host a number of worldwide events based on customer requests. Find us at the next industry expo, join one of our tech dinners or our annual TechForums, or meet us at our community-driven User Meetings.

Upcoming events

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22 02 2024

Drug Discovery Chemistry 2024

Join us at the 19th Drug Discovery Chemistry event in San Diego, California from April 1-4.

14 02 2024

Bio-IT World 2024

Experience Bio-IT World with us in Boston this April. Come see us on the exhibition floor for a chat about software solutions for compound design, model...

07 02 2024

ACS Spring 2024

Meet our experts in New Orleans at the booth for a chat about cheminformatics, drug discovery, or chemical structure search made easy.

14 09 2023

On-demand Webinar - Successful Hypothesis and Synthesis Management with Design Hub

In this webinar Dora Barna presents how Design Hub facilitates data-driven decision making and increases the efficiency of drug discovery project execution.