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27 09 2023
3 minutes

What is Kanban and how does it optimize early drug discovery projects?

Discover how Kanban optimizes early drug discovery projects. Visualize workflow, improve...

08 08 2023
< 1 minute

Chemaxon upgrades to Java 17

Effective August 8th 2023, all new releases of Chemaxon software will require Java 17 or later as...

09 06 2023
10 minutes

Chemistry in the Cloud

How does the cloud help you answer your pressing day-to-day pharmaceutical R&D questions faster,...

19 05 2023
3 minutes

Creation of a Scientific Hypothesis - For optimization of drug compounds

A well-formulated hypothesis is essential to the success of the drug discovery process.

12 05 2023
3 minutes

Key Properties in Drug Design | Predicting Lipophilicity, pKa and Solubility

Discover how Chemaxon's predictive models for lipophilicity, pKa, and solubility can accurately...

29 04 2023
< 1 minute

Collaborating with CROs within the DMTA cycle

Important factors when collaborating with a CRO It is becoming increasingly popular for drug...

24 04 2023
2 minutes

Cloud calculation exemplified

Augmenting chemical structures with calculated properties using dedicated, secure and scalable...

22 04 2023
< 1 minute

Calculations you can trust

Chemaxon AWS Calculators and Predictors SaaS services has passed one of Hungary’s leading...

21 04 2023
62 minutes

Wendy Warr Report 2022

As Richard Jones said, “Chemaxon has a best-in-class, single research platform in the cloud for...

20 04 2023
< 1 minute

Solubility prediction - Chemaxon's Solubility Predictor

Aqueous solubility for organic compounds is one of the most important physico-chemical properties...

12 04 2023
< 1 minute

EDB GlobalConnect Certified Technology Partnership

We are excited to announce that Chemaxon is now an EDB GlobalConnect Certified Technology Partner.

03 10 2022
2 minutes

Calculate on the cloud

In order to increase the flexibility, access and integrability, Calculators and Predictors have...