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13 06 2024
7 minutes

Structural Similarity Methodologies for Small Molecules

Small molecule structural similarity metrics are important in a number of drug discovery workflows,...

14 05 2024
8 minutes

Ending the game of cat and mouse: The rise of structure-based generic definitions in Controlled Compound Legislation

Discover how the surge in generic drug legislation complicates identification of controlled...

22 04 2024
6 minutes

The Ideal Chemical Drawing Tool

What does an ideal chemical drawing tool look like? We dissected features people use chemical...

13 12 2023
3 minutes

Roadblocks of DMTA project success - and how to eliminate them

Discover how to navigate complex challenges in your DMTA projects - make informed compound...

31 10 2023
3 minutes

DMTA lead optimization: Where science meets project management

From hit identification to optimized leads; explore how effective project management techniques can...

26 10 2023
3 minutes

Automated model building using only relevant features

Accelerate your drug discovery process: Create multiple models effortlessly with Trainer Engine and...

27 09 2023
3 minutes

What is Kanban and how does it optimize early drug discovery projects?

Discover how Kanban optimizes early drug discovery projects. Visualize workflow, improve...

08 08 2023
< 1 minute

Chemaxon upgrades to Java 17

Effective August 8th 2023, all new releases of Chemaxon software will require Java 17 or later as...

09 06 2023
10 minutes

Chemistry in the Cloud

How does the cloud help you answer your pressing day-to-day pharmaceutical R&D questions faster,...

19 05 2023
3 minutes

Creation of a Scientific Hypothesis - For optimization of drug compounds

A well-formulated hypothesis is essential to the success of the drug discovery process.

12 05 2023
3 minutes

Key Properties in Drug Design | Predicting Lipophilicity, pKa and Solubility

Discover how Chemaxon's predictive models for lipophilicity, pKa, and solubility can accurately...

29 04 2023
< 1 minute

Collaborating with CROs within the DMTA cycle

Important factors when collaborating with a CRO It is becoming increasingly popular for drug...