Trusted by over one million active users, Chemaxon is renowned for industry-leading software supporting scientific discovery with calculation, search and drawing tools.

Our applications are widely used in life sciences R&D and education. We work with a variety of industries, counting most major pharmaceutical companies among our clients. Our offices are located in Budapest, Basel, Prague, Boston and San Diego, with distributors around the world.




What drives us

We are passionate about scientific discovery. Chemaxon sets the industry standard in cheminformatics, in a collaborative, supportive environment.



What we believe in

Our values as a company drive how we operate. These values are reflected in our products, in our meetings and in our strategic decisions.


Long-term thinking

We invest in people for the long-term - support their career choices in every way possible, help them spread their wings, try out new opportunities. We believe in lifelong learning.



We believe in agile principles and working with this mindset for more than 20 years. We create a safe to fail environment, where one can be brave and try new ideas. We listen actively and try to understand each other’s viewpoints - even if we are not on the same page.


Customer Excellence

We strive to understand our users’ needs and problems through user interviews, and other methods, building consultative partnerships with our clients.


Responsibility is key. We own our mistakes and also our successes. We believe in transparency, receiving/giving feedback, and helping each other to learn new things.

Everyday life


Passion for learning

We like to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and practices and learn new things. Our internal events (Hackathon, Innovation days) and external training programs support this goal. An annual training budget is accessible for personal development, and our teams have allocated time slots for learning.

Family-friendly office

The school finished at two or there is a school holiday? No problem! Let your kids do their homework at the office. We have a playing corner for the little ones in our lobby.


Get social

It is important to maintain a healthy balance between work and fun. Internal events bring you closer to other colleagues. We go skating, cook, watch movies, and play board games together quite often (and yes, “one beer” can be a program too).


Offices we love (even from home)

Working environment is to help you focus on your tasks, and boost your performance. You know best what you need: ergonomic furniture, your choice of tech equipment, all sorts of cables, professional literature, coffee or snacks.

Keen on sports

Do you like running races? Relaxing during a yoga session on a Friday afternoon in the office? We like to stay active, and lots of colleagues cycle or run together, and often there is a table tennis championship during lunch hours.


Agile environment

We are agile, innovative and friendly, offering compelling opportunities for frequent collaboration and cross-training with teammates and stakeholders.


Open positions

We are always looking for new colleagues in a number of fields. Find your opportunity below.
If you couldn't find anything right now but you are still interested in us, apply here for an opportunity in the future.