Consultancy - Reaching the Parts other Products Can't Reach

presentation · 8 years ago
by Tim Dudgeon, Erin Bolstad (ChemAxon)

As use of the ChemAxon products has increased in recent years we have seen the need to be able to provide consultancy to support the adoption of the various products, and have been building up our capabilities in this area. Typically we've been finding that customers have needs in two main areas: 1. Replacing an old cheminformatics platform with ChemAxon tools. This process can be complex and requires careful planning and detailed knowledge transfer, often involving direct on-site support and training. We give examples of how we have assisted a number of pharmaceutical companies in this migration process. 2. Developing custom applications where the existing off-the-shelf products cannot meet the needs. We'll describe how we have filled these gaps, in some cases by making use of Instant JChem as a platform for extensibility and in other cases developing new web applications to meet specific needs.

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