Deploying Instant JChem on an Enterprise Scale

presentation · 9 years ago
by Brett Hiemenz (GlaxoSmithKline)
Instant JChem

GSK are in the process of migrating from its legacy forms‐based SAR software to Instant JChem. Ultimately the goal is to see a multi‐tiered architectural solution, though Instant JChem in its current form is still much closer to its standalone desktop application roots. Working closely with ChemAxon, we have addressed the challenges of converting, securing, and tuning the performance of around 200 projects, then making the projects available to all departments from a single location. GSK have implemented some temporary solutions to overcome issues of network latency, but we expect to eliminate those stopgaps as ChemAxon make strides toward reducing IJC’s application schema overhead, improving search result browsing performance, and supporting virtualized data.

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