Development of a web-based compound database system at Teijin Pharma: Integration of the compound database and other existing systems

presentation · 14 years ago
by Ryo Sogawa (Teijin Pharma)
JChem Cartridge JChem Base

Recently, the amount of the data, which medicinal chemists have to deal with, is rapidly increasing from HTS, CombiChem, and other high through-put technologies. Also it has become common to consider ADME and toxicity characteristics from the early stage of research, which diversify the data source and research team members. Therefore, in the medicinal chemistry research, we definitely need an environment which enables various members of the team to access the diversified data source efficiently.

In order to deal with the increasing data, Teijin Pharma have introduced and applied an assay-database, a compound-database, and other cheminformatics tools. Last year, in the view of maturity of information technologies and of generational change of compound database systems in these days, we changed the main compound database system from ISIS to JChem, and developed a new compound database system. We now started to integrate other systems to the compound database system. In this presentation, I will describe the concept, plan, and implementation of the recent development of cheminformatics systems at Teijin Pharma.