SCRIPDB: A portal for easy access to syntheses, chemicals, and reactions in patents

presentation · 8 years ago
by Igor Jurisica, Abraham Heifets (Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto)
SCRIPDB is a publicly-accessible chemical structure database designed to provide metadata about bioactive molecules, including mechanism of action, disease class, homologous experimental series, structural alternatives, or the synthetic pathways used to produce molecules of interest. SCRIPDB describes over 10 million compounds found in over 100,000 patents granted since 2001. It provides the full original patent text, reactions, and relationships described within any individual patent, in addition to the molecular files common to structural databases. We discuss how this information is valuable for such applications as medical text mining, chemical image analysis, reaction extraction, and in silico pharmaceutical lead optimization. We present opportunities and challenges, as well as traps for the unwary, and assess the quality of data available in the patent literature. Download slides