Knowledge-Based Approach to de Novo Design Using Reaction Vectors

publication · 11 years ago
by Michael J. Bodkin, Hina Patel, Beining Chen, Valerie J. Gillet (University of Sheffield)
A knowledge-based approach to the de novo design of synthetically feasible molecules is described. The method is based on reaction vectors which represent the structural changes that take place at the reaction center along with the environment in which the reaction occurs. The reaction vectors are derived automatically from a database of reactions which is not restricted by size or reaction complexity. A structure generation algorithm has been developed whereby reaction vectors can be applied to previously unseen starting materials in order to suggest novel syntheses. The approach has been implemented in KNIME and is validated by reproducing known synthetic routes. We then present applications of the method in different drug design scenarios including lead optimization and library enumeration. The method offers great potential for capturing and using the growing body of data on reactions that is becoming available through electronic laboratory notebooks.
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