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12 05 2023
3 mins

Key Properties in Drug Design | Predicting Lipophilicity, pKa and Solubility

Discover how Chemaxon's predictive models for lipophilicity, pKa, and solubility can accurately predict key molecular properties in drug design.

18 04 2023
2 mins

Chemaxon TechForum - Basel 2023

We are especially excited to announce our upcoming TechForum, hoping to meet our peers in person in the Pullman Basel Europe Hotel in June.

12 04 2023
1 min

EDB GlobalConnect Certified Technology Partnership

We are excited to announce that Chemaxon is now an EDB GlobalConnect Certified Technology Partner.

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Working alongside both our in-house chemists and biologists, and our clients, we build products that deliver outstanding performance and scientific understanding.

In the last 20+ years, our tools have inspired scientists to chase their curiosities and find their next big lightbulb moment.

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It is hard to beat the industry standard when you are the industry standard. (Although we do try.) That’s why you will find our software in all the major chemical companies and educational institutions worldwide.



At Bayer, we started using Chemaxon's Markush Editor for drafting claims of patent applications several years ago. The Markush Editor is a very user-friendly approach for a better understanding of the chemical field to be patented and offers the patentee a new way of analyzing the chemical environment. 

Alberto Bertucco
Italian and European Patent Attorney, Senior Patent Counsel - Patent Operations Berlin Bayer Intellectual Property GmbH

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Experience the Chemaxon quality. We provide best-in-class tools for compound design, chemical drawing, regulatory assistance and more.

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Browse our use cases and workflows for solutions for in silico research

Whether you are a student with big ambitions, or a chemist on the cusp of a world-changing breakthrough, we have a solution fit for your needs.


Chemical Data Management

Capture, manage and access chemical and biological entities and associated data.


Drug Discovery - Lead Optimization

Analyze, ideate, design, collaborate, and prioritize your research in your DMTA (Design-Make-Test-Analyze) cycle.


Chemistry R&D - Patent Management

Create Markush structures from libraries of compounds. Accelerate the extraction of chemical structures from published patents.


Chemistry R&D - Compound Synthesis

Design, execute, capture, search and share. Chemistry experiments run better with our industry standard technology.



Advance chemistry education with industry standard cheminformatics technologies.


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Live or virtual, we love to share and discuss with our users. Join us in person, or online, we are looking forward to seeing you!

18 04 2023
2 mins
Basel TechForum banner

Chemaxon TechForum - Basel 2023

We are especially excited to announce our upcoming TechForum, hoping to meet our peers in person in the Pullman Basel Europe Hotel in June.

05 04 2023
1 min

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2023

Join us at booth #521 in the Hynes Convention Center, Boston from May 16-18, 2023, and be a part of the BioIT World Conference & Expo.

30 03 2023
1 min

18th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry

Find us at booth#402 at the 18th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry in San Diego for a chat about Chemaxon's tools for compound design, model building & property...