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Draw with Marvin

Marvin is one of the world’s most widely used and trusted chemical drawing software, utilized daily by over 100,000 scientists, researchers, start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations, including top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

In one application, you can simply and intuitively produce customizable illustrations, search for chemical structures online and perform advanced chemical calculations. Marvin can handle a large variety of chemical structures and file formats, so it’s robust enough for any use case.

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Marvin’s diverse functionality


Draw complex structures super fast from scratch

Create chemical structures, compounds, reactions, and molecules quickly and accurately. You can then edit these structures, inside or outside the application, to change color, text size, and line width.


Import and export chemical structures

Handle chemical information on premise or in the cloud. Once you complete your chemical drawings, you can export them to external databases or applications.


Convert file formats

Marvin supports popular industry file formats. Our command-line program, Molconvert, converts chemical file formats in batches to simplify the process, and is also capable of creating images.


Conduct chemical calculations

Determine the physical-chemical properties of your structures via chemical calculations. Chemistry for Office can run the calculation simultaneously on any number of molecules. It also provides access to hundreds of physicochemical descriptors, which you can use to build QSAR models.


Check drawing accuracy

Take advantage of Marvin’s built-in structure checker. This feature identifies and highlights any errors in your structures. You can fix these errors within the tool before exporting your files.


Edit in Microsoft Office

Your chemical drawings remain editable in Microsoft Office. Simply copy and paste a drawing, double click, and edit without opening up the desktop application.


View 2D/3D structures

MarvinView displays single or multiple compounds, molecules, structures, and reactions in a view-only list. This is perfect for users who don’t need to perform hands-on chemical drawing, and want to display any number of structures simultaneously.


Our academic and commercial plans

Marvin is free for individual, academic and non-commercial use. Advanced bundle licenses are available at competitive rates.

For commercial use cases, purchase your commercial license. These plans include product upgrades and support.

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Marvin JS

Designing molecules on the web - fast, smart and intuitive

Marvin JS provides quick and convenient ways to draw and modify standard and advanced chemical structures. It's seamlessly integrated into third-party web-based applications, and runs smoothly on all major browsers. The Graphical User Interface and calculations are flexible: you can customize the application for your requirements, and extend its functionalities by installing the appropriate web services (e.g. 2D/3D clean, automap, stereo calculation). Marvin JS was created not only to meet requests of chemistry professionals, but to deliver solutions at the highest standard.

Chemical drawing: quick and easy

Marvin JS provides a great solution for drawing and modifying standard organic chemical and organometallic structures, reactions, electron transfer mechanisms, Markush-structures, and query molecules targeting different use cases. New tools are introduced for complex drawing, so you are able to create more complex structures without continuously toggling between tools (e.g.: drawing tool, smart R-group tool, reaction tool). Furthermore, the application offers a simple and clean interface for visualizing structural characteristics of previously drawn or imported molecules. You can rotate or mirror, whole or partial molecules; as well as, represent your “creation” in 3D using the most appropriate display mode.

Read more about Marvin JS features in the User Guide

Easy to integrate and customizable – An exciting new interface

Marvin JS has been designed for easy integration with web-based applications. The public API provided with the editor enables web developers to seamlessly embed this application with their homegrown custom solutions (e.g.: adding custom buttons, custom templates, UI presets). Our sketcher can be exposed on any web browser supporting JavaScript and HTML5 technology.

Pipe in your custom calculations

Marvin JS is ready for RESTful web services. It comes bundled with optional web services (for instance 2D and 3D clean, import/export, automapping, and more!). The default option can be replaced or extended with custom implementations, and provide unique flexibility in integrating Marvin JS with in-house chemical intelligence.

Read more about extending Marvin JS with web services


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