Agilent's OpenLAB Electronic Lab Notebook

Posted by
Antoni Wandycz
on 13 09 2015

Computers are used extensively in modem R&D, and so much of the data that needs to be recorded in a laboratory notebook is generated electronically. Transcribing data manually into a paper notebook is error-prone, and in many cases, for example, analytical data (spectra, chromatograms, photographs, etc), transcription of the data is not possible. The paper-based laboratory notebook is the last non-electronic component of the R&D workflow system, and there is currently much pressure to replace it with an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). We will provide an overview of the OpenLAB ELN (part of a suite of Agilent's OpenLAB informatics products) and offer a glimpse into our mobile and cloud efforts for ELN.

Open presentation slides