Cheminfo Stories 2021 Virtual UGM | A laboratory story

Posted by
Zoltan Szabo
on 13 11 2021

The birth of novel molecules in the course of a research process is essential because the previously imagined and well-designed substances come alive to prove their viability and effectiveness. The work of a chemistry laboratory generates innovative observations and notions which you must capture for several reasons. One reason is to record the numerous experiments you perform to have them compiled when submitting them as a scientific result to a journal or as a patent application. Other reasons could be to search for a particular information within your sea of experiments and refer to them as a single source of truth. Also identifying undiscovered areas in your research may suggest new directions in our experiments. In the presentation I would like to demonstrate to you how ChemAxon’s cloud-based integrated solution including Compound Registration, Laboratory Experimental Data Capture and LabCup Inventory can facilitate your everyday laboratory workflows and your digitization challenges.