D360 - The Pharmaceutical Industry's Data Analytics and Scientific Informatics Platform

Posted by
Alexander Steudle
on 13 09 2016

Certara biosimulation (model based drug development and informatics) software portfolio is the most wide-ranging in the industry. Combining legacy brands including Pharsight, Simcyp, Tripos and Certara, these technologies are used across the drug development life cycle. Pharmacologists, toxicologists, biostatisticians, pre-clinical scientists, chemists, geneticists, and other scientists use Certara software to inform key safety and efficacy decisions, including target identification and optimization, dosing, trial design, target validation, compound triaging, comparison with competitor compounds, and mechanistic drug performance.

Certara’s D360 R&D data platform solves data challenges faced by scientists and IT staff throughout biopharmaceutical organizations by integrating and leveraging the large amount of diverse scientific data generated by sponsor companies and their outsourced partners to optimize crucial decisions.

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