Posted by
Sreenivas Devidas
on 13 09 2012

Information on SAR, pharmacological effects, toxic properties and clinical outcomes is crucial for a scientist investigating new drug candidates for a specific indication. GOSTAR is an online database that integrates information on compounds in discovery, development and drug phases. Information provided includes SAR, ADME, toxicity, preclinical, clinical and structural data, for over 5.1 million compounds with over 16 million quantiative SAR points. The Database provides several type of search options. Examples include Strucutre, Proteins, Disease Indications and Adverse Events. Over a decade GVKBIO scientific team manually screened more than 1.9 million Patents and over 600,000 Journal Articles to identify and curate the relevant data. GOSTA search Interface allow the user to execute the chemical, biological, bibliography queries with ease. To interpret such large datasets, several analysis features have been built into GOSTAR. These Analyzers will help in understanding the results in various dimensions such as Physical Chemical Property Space, Molecular Pairs with biological activity, Most Common Sub Structures with biological activity, identifying the relationship between Activity and Chemical properties. Sorting the molecules on the normalized activity value with a specific source, also Heat Maps that help in finding the off target activity for a compound. Specific subsets of information identified as a result of the analysis can be exported in standard file formats that are amenable to downstream analysis using other tools.

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