Intellectual property (IP) intelligence solutions designed for the way researchers think

Posted by
Kevin Brown - Accencio
on 13 09 2021

With pressure on medicinal chemists to reduce the cost, time and risks of development, the need for technology-based tools which can support and improve the efficiency of designing and synthesizing drug candidates has never been greater. Machine learning and AI are being increasingly leveraged as part of the medicinal chemistry process to improve productivity from a chemical perspective, but what about understanding the legal, licensing and commercial aspects to guide R&D activities?


Leveraging IP intelligence through the researcher workflow requires the curation of chemistry patents including many thousands of molecules. This complex task is time-consuming and error-prone when done manually, whereas using ChemAxon’s ChemCuratora to analyze and extract chemical information in patents and other documents means the process can be done accurately in a fraction of the time.

Accencio®’s IP-GeoScape® technology offers researchers unique insight into this vital IP data and more by mathematically calculating and visualizing the structural relationships between molecular IP within a biological target area of interest. Built for the way researchers think, using IP-GeoScape enables medicinal chemists to identify new possibilities when compared to traditional R&D methods. The data-agnostic approach to strategically layering in vital scientific and commercial information enables faster, more focused and precise retargeting or new molecule creation.