JChem for Excel

Posted by
Tamás Pelcz
on 13 09 2010

JChem for Excel allows scientists to use ChemAxon toolkit in Microsoft's familiar spreadsheet application. Easily add, edit and delete structures, with full undo support. Structures move and size with cells, so operations such as copy(cut) - paste, sorting and filtering run smoothly. Import structures/data from, and export to popular chemical file formats, and import from various databases. The API allows for integration with external applications, or VBA based customizations. With the help of fustom chemical excel functions, calculate molecular properties, display calculated properties as images such as atomic charges, pKa , HBDA and so on. The newly introduced, and unique structure resulting functions opens up a new dimension of operations in Excel. It is possible to display tautomeric forms, stereoisomers, structural frameworks, convert to standard representational forms, and run virtual synthesis.