See IP Differently – The power of using visualized intellectual property (IP) strategy and intelligence to guide molecular research and drug discovery

Posted by
Kevin Brown
on 13 09 2020

At a time when the importance of fast and effective drug discovery is at the forefront of so many minds, the need for technology-based tools which can support and improve the efficiency of designing and synthesizing drug candidates has never been greater. Machine learning and AI are being increasingly leveraged as part of the medicinal chemistry process to improve productivity from a chemical perspective, but what about using the legal, licensing and commercial aspects to guide R&D activities? Accencio®’s IP-GeoScape® technology curates vast amounts of molecular information from patent publications using ChemAxon’s ChemCurator tool, and visualizes the mathematical structural relationships between these molecules. Vital scientific and commercial information is strategically layered into the visualizations - enabling faster, more focused and precise R&D efforts.