Closing the Loop: How to Improve the Management of Your DMTA Cycle

7th May 2024
10:00 AM ET | 4:00 PM CET

Chemaxon Certera Webinar 2024 - main image-1


Jan Christopherson

Jan Christopherson

Senior Application Scientist



Dr. Essi Koskela

Enterprise Informatics Consultant


Why join us

Managing research data is extremely time-consuming during the drug discovery process. This webinar will help you find ways to create a seamless workflow for researching small molecules within the DMTA cycle by demonstrating how to utilize Design Hub and D360 together.


What can you learn

Chemaxon Certera Webinar - Analyze data

Analyzing data from both real and virtual project compounds

Chemaxon Certera Webinar - Monitor the progress

Monitoring the progress of synthesis

Chemaxon Certera Webinar - Formulate hypotheses

Formulating hypotheses and design candidate compounds

Chemaxon Certera Webinar - Formulate hypotheses

Managing internal and external task assignment

See you there