Meet us at ACS Spring 2024

New Orleans, USA
March 17-21, 2024
Join the ACS Spring 2024 event with us in New Orleans, Louisiana. We would love to chat about software solutions for compound design, model building & property prediction, chemical structure searching and more.
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Find Us in Person

ACS Spring 2024 - Booth-3

Booth #2625

Meet our experts at the booth for a chat about cheminformatics, drug discovery, or chemical structure search made easy.

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Drawing Competition

Put yourself to the test at our booth with our drawing tool that combines our chemically intelligent technology with a clean user interface.

You can also meet with


Shawn Hooks

Head of Business


Luca Szabó

Product Manager of Marvin Pro, Marvin JS



Péter Orbán

B2B Event



Andrew Lindstrom

Andrew Lindstrom 



Workflows We Support


ACS Spring 2024 - DH-1

Molecule Design

Effortlessly manage your drug design projects from idea creation to implementation using Design Hub, the all-in-one DMTA platform. 

ACS Spring 2024 - JChem-1

Chemical Search

Search through tens of millions of chemical compounds and receive relevant query hits in seconds with our state-of-the-art engines.

ACS Spring 2024 - Marvin-1

Chemical Drawing

Draw with Marvin, import, edit, and export your chemical structures effortlessly from one simple application.

Why ACS Spring

ACS Spring is where American Chemists meet up to discuss, share ideas, and advance scientific research and expand their technical knowledge. Chemaxon is proud to be a part of this effort. We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!