Cheminfo Stories 2020
Asia-Pacific Edition

Nov 10 – 12, 2020

Following the success of Cheminfo Stories, launched in late May, we are planning another series of broadcasts. The 3-day virtual event in November focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, bringing more user stories from the Eastern hemisphere. ChemAxon presenters will cover exciting new features like machine learning techniques, docking, or hERG calculator, features added to our software since our last event. These features, illustrated by local user stories may also be of interest to our global audience.

Join us at the live kick-off events starting at 6 AM CET / 1 PM Beijing time / 4 PM Sydney time; or visit our virtual library. Stay tuned as we finalize the agenda, extending it as new speakers confirm. Scroll down to learn more about the topics, and register for the sessions that are the most relevant for you. Reach out to the event production team if you have any questions.

Our portfolio from Cheminfo Stories


Session #1: Compound Design

November 10th - 6 AM CET


In this session:

This 1.5 hour webinar will showcase ChemAxon's capabilities when it comes to the design, visualization or registration of new compounds. This will be less of a regular presentation, and more a software demo. Join us if you are interested in the hottest summer developments in compound docking, predictive models relying on all available data, virtual compound registration, hERG calculation and more.

  • Introducing an online platform built to record scientific ideas and rationale, integrate predictive models and register the results in central database - Zoltán Szabó, ChemAxon
  • Design Hub technology featuring the new docking capabilities at a large European pharma
  • Leveraging compound libraries at a major CRO in India
  • Deploying a new chemical editor across the web platform of a large Chinese inventory company

Session #2: Discovery data management & AI

November 11th - 6 AM CET


In this session:

Our second virtual session focuses on ChemAxon's core chemical technology, JChem Engines, and three of the interfaces where you can exploit its powerful potentials: Instant JChem - our own DB managment application, Microsoft Office and KNIME. This platform allows us to explore some of the machine learning opportunities ChemAxon has to offer.

  • The core of our chemistry intelligence: JChem technology - Meg McCarrick, ChemAxon
  • Perspective of the future strategy in small molecue anti-cancer drug research by mapping both the research pipelines of global pharmas/biotechs and China Pharmas/biotechs - Jing Li, Pharmacodia
  • Database management on your desktop with Instant JChem and JChem for Office - Surojit Sadhu, ChemAxon - Advent Informatics
  • Extensive use of Instant JChem at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Australia - Mike Campbell, MIPS
  • Chemical descriptors & standardizers for machine learning models - Bilal Nizami, ChemAxon
  • ChemAxon calculations and machine learning techniques used in KNIME - Dr. Suneel Bommisetty, Sailife

Session #3: IP and Markush technology

November 12th - 6 AM CET


In this session:

The third day of our webinar series will concentrate on the unique Markush technology of ChemAxon. We will walk you through major highlights and new developments in the last 6 months of claim drafting, automatic scaffold detection, interactive Markush analysis and rapid chemical content extraction in automated or semi-automated fashion.

  • Markush technology - Árpád Figyelmesi, ChemAxon
  • Patent Data for Artificial Intelligence based Drug Discovery - Hanjo Kim, Standigm
  • Stay tuned for further presentations