User Meeting Europe 2019

May 21 – 23, 2019 · Budapest, Hungary

Main program

This archive features our top European User Meeting talks of the year, which highlight popular product use cases and partner presentations by Sanofi, AnalytiCon, Certara, Chemantics, Arxspan, Enamine, IDBS, KNIME, Mestrelab Research, MolPort, ONTOFORCE, BSSN Software, SciNote, StructurePendium, Sun Pharma, Reaxys. Covering a range of topics like - Design hub for drug discovery, reach the hidden world of chemistry in patents, chemistry as a service, ChemAxon's RDBMS search, and more about biologics.

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Agenda at a glimpse

May 21 [TUE] @ our Offices

As every year we are happy to welcome you at our Headquarters. Join us for a warm-up afternoon featuring one-on-one meetings with developers, scientists, product owners and business folks. Let us know to set up a meeting for you!
Our Traditional Garden Party will give a great opportunity to network with your peers before the main User Meeting Days. No worries about the transfer, we will arrange it for you.

May 22 [WED] @ Akvárium

  • 8.00 - Registration
  • 9.00 - 17.30 - We kick off our program with a rapid overview of the development news we have, and our strategic directions. The program will focus on use cases presented by speakers from clients, integration partners and ChemAxon. This year we will have a long discussion and networking space after each session. Here you will have the chance to get a hands-on training about the software presented. You can also discuss your tailored issues with our scientists, business and development reps.
  • 18.30 - Concert & Dinner

May 23 [THU] @ Akvárium

  • 8.30 - Registration
  • 9.00 - Program starts, it will focus on use cases about our cloud based solutions. We plan to cover the topics of registration of small and large molecules, of the detection of controlled substances, and of the management of assay and chemical data on the cloud.
  • 12.20 - Lunch starts, and our presentations have an end. However, after lunch we will have a hands-on workshop.
  • 15.00 - End of the discussion space, and closing our user meeting.

Please note that you can join to our program series at any point - including the workshops as well. Lunch and social program will be covered throughout the meeting.
If you have any questions regarding our event, please contact the organizers.


This year our hands-on workshops will be added to the main program. Following the talks you can either stay in the assembly room or for more developer related topics go to the Aranyhall room and try the software we and our users talked about.

To be able to give it a try, please bring your own laptop. You will not need anything else, only a recent version of Google Chrome browser. The rest is upon us.

We have added four workshops to our agenda:

      Empowering Chemical Design May 22 from 12.00
      Examples, tricks, tips and tasks to draw on our web-based Marvin JS editor, through our new education platform, Zosimos
      Parallel to this session we will talk about ultrafast search technologies on the backend - coding MadFast in the Aranyhall room
      Best-in-Class Search Technology May 22 from 16.45
      Parallel to this session we will demonstrate how to work with chemically intelligent graph databases, and our new scalable microservices to add cheminformatics to the web. This workshop will run in the Aranyhall room.
      Equip your web with chemical intelligence May 23 from 10.15
      Adding Marvin JS, phys-chem calculations and chemical search to a website with the API services of Chemicalize
      Parallel to this session we will go deeper in the development news of Marvin in the Aranyhall room. End users/scientists are more than welcome here.
      Central Registry & Cloud Integration May 23 from 13.20
      Uploading processed assay data and further analyzing and visualizing the data on the web in a single platform
      Parallel to this workshop we will demonstrate an interactive way of providing hints to aid drawing during a drug design session. Check out the experiment our developers did with structure-based search and hit visualization.