Individual Research License Content Submissions

Academic users are forward thinking and enthusiastic about our products, and often they do not have the funds of an established corporation. We are happy to support the future of Chemistry, and to bridge this gap, we ask our academic users to share their experience using Chemaxon software, choosing three from the options below.

Survey/user test

  • Help us develop better products by participating in at least three user tests or surveys filled out in an 18 month period.
  • We keep your contact info in our research database on file for 18 months. After this period we will only contact you with surveys if you expressly wish to stay on.
  • Please note that failure to participate will prevent your license renewal.

Social Media

  • Share your enthusiasm about our Academic Program on social media. Write a minimum 100 characters long post about your good experience with Chemaxon.
  • Select from social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Please use the hashtag: #cxnacademia
  • Upload 3 separate post links to your Chemaxon profile.

Poster / Article

  • Cite our software in your academic poster or article using the following format: was/were used for , , Chemaxon (
  • Example: "Marvin was used for drawing, displaying and characterizing chemical structures, substructures and reactions, Marvin 17.21.0, Chemaxon (".


  • Create a short 1-5 minutes long video introducing a case or project where you used our Individual Research License.
  • Upload the video link to your Chemaxon profile.


Give a testimonial (2-3 sentences) about our Academic Program preferably answering one of these questions:
  • How does the Individual Research License help your work or study?
  • What do you like in our Academic Program?
  • Could you share a case when the Individual Research License helped solve a major difficulty in your academic research?
  • By choosing the testimonial option you consent to Chemaxon using your testimonial on corporate communication channels (website, social media, etc.) in the format you provided it.
Formatting guide:
3 short sentences (maximum 500 characters), attach as PDF
Include “Individual Research license” or “Academic Program” in the text
Your full name and institution.