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In this on-demand webinar Andras Stracz presents the benefits of using a shared system with CROs, with split level access.

We explore the challenges faced by pharma and biotechs alike as compound synthesis shifts to external partners - CROs. The requirements for safe data exchange, coupled with the human aspect, define criteria for modern IT solutions. We review the typical scenarios of splitting the workload between partners, classification of data, medicinal chemistry challenges and the priorities that these result in. We present Chemaxon’s application, Design Hub as a proposed solution to many of these issues and potential benefits to be gained by the industry.
  • Look at CRO collaboration use cases
  • Follow the review of a rational drug design cycle and idea sharing in a drug discovery team
  • See the way of prioritizing compound ideas with team members, and software tools
  • How to selectively share data with CROs

If you have any questions or inquiries, do ping us at marketing@chemaxon.com.

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