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Closing the Loop: How to Improve the Management of Your DMTA Cycle

Managing research data is extremely time-consuming during the drug discovery process. This webinar helps you find ways to create a seamless workflow for researching small molecules within the DMTA cycle by demonstrating how to utilize Design Hub and D360 together.

Learn from Jan Christopherson and Essi Koskela about:

  • Formulating hypotheses and designing candidate compounds,
  • Managing internal and external task assignment,
  • Monitoring the progress of synthesis,
  • Analyzing data from both real and virtual project compounds.

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Jan Christopherson-1

Jan Christopherson

Senior Application Scientist


Essi Koskela

Dr. Essi Koskela

Enterprise Informatics Consultant


About Design Hub

We present Design Hub, Chemaxon’s solution for tracking the design and synthesis of compounds, while staying focused on key project objectives and success criteria.

  • Analyze predicted properties and resource availability to prioritize compounds
  • Follow synthesis progress on an interactive, multi-level Kanban board and detect blockers and bottlenecks immediately
  • Look at ongoing activities and prioritize compounds and assays for testing
  • Evaluate compound efficacy and safety for necessary improvements

Who we are

About Chemaxon

Trusted by over one million active users, Chemaxon is renowned for industry-leading software supporting scientific discovery with calculation, search and drawing tools. 

Our applications are widely used in life sciences R&D and education. We work with a variety of industries, counting most major pharmaceutical companies among our clients. Our offices are located in Budapest, Basel, Boston and San Diego, with distributors around the world.