Biomolecule data management

Merging biomolecules and chemistry

Your Challenge

An increasing number of new FDA approved drugs are biologics; in 2021 alone, more than a quarter of the novel drug approvals were biological entities. Despite the growth in biologics research there has not been a parallel growth from the informatics side. The cheminformatics world is well versed in terms of software to manage small molecules, but are not suited for representing large biomolecular entities. While bioinformatics has provided sequence-based technologies for many years, these fail to represent biomolecular modalities which include unnatural amino acids and nucleotides, post-translational modifications and chemical modifications.

Our Solution

Chemaxon has aimed to fill the informatics gap between small and large molecules by its biomolecule technology, the equivalent of our existing chemical software for the realm of biologics.


Visualize and modify biomolecules

With our intuitive biomolecule sketcher scientists can easily define, interpet and visualize a diverse set of modified biomolecules such as peptides, oligonucleotides and conjugates. Any of the above may be represented with full or partial chemical structure information and added annotations.


Model, register and search biomolecules

Our technology enables standardization, registration and search of biological entities and associated data within the database. The built-in search capabilities enable you to use queries against the registration database, supporting combinations of sequence and chemical structure filters to identify modified biomolecular entity hits. Additional functionalities can perform property calculations of your biomolecules.


Share biomolecules

The built-in monomer library enables defining atomic-level representations of sequence residues and modifications. R&D departments using the monomer library can perform sequence, HELM and chemical structure interconversions, allowing the sharing of sequence or structural information with partners and vendors.