a-tune Label.Printer now updated to print ChemAxon chemical structures

Posted by
Nóra Lapusnyik
on 03 09 2021

a-tune Label.Printer is an independent product that allows the printing of labels from any device which is able to print pdf’s. Labels can easily be designed to contain defined information directly from your application.

We have now, in partnership with ChemAxon expanded our offering to also allow the printing of chemical structures directly onto labels produced with the a-tune Label.Printer.

Customers using the Label.Printer now have the freedom of choice to;

  • Print from any printer with a pdf output
  • Include chemical structure from ChemAxon into their label design
  • Easily integrate with a SaaS environment, without the need for VPN access
  • Benefit from the same reliable functionality for both on prem and SaaS deployments
  • Use a-tune Label.Printer stand alone, with the IDBS E-WorkBook & Inventory® product or any other third-party software which can either send data to web services or to a network printer
  • It is always a pleasure to support the innovative solutions of our partners. We understand the value of delivering information in a visual way, enabling scientists to quickly recognize compounds by displaying chemical structures (Quote from Nóra Lapusnyik, Partner Relationship Manager at ChemAxon).

    The expansion of our service offering with a-tune Label.Printer and forming new relationships to greater support the research community is reflected here in our colaboration with ChemAxon. We are happy to introduce the printing of their chemical structures directly from Label.Printer (Quote from Christoph Acker, VP Services a-tune software).

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    Read this article and learn more about the Label-Printer on a-tune's website.

    Label.Printer now using ChemAxon chemical structures as well