ChemAxon and Research Space joint announcement of integrated assay data upload prototype

Posted by
Ronan Downey
on 03 09 2019

ChemAxon and Research Space are pleased to announce the development of a prototype for direct assay data upload from RSpace ELN to ChemAxon Assay.

RSpace is an electronic lab notebook used to collect, organize and present life sciences research data, and is distinguished by its flexibility in supporting a variety of workflows, strong support for traceability, and connectivity with a wide range of general purpose and science-specific tools.

ChemAxon Assay is a modern assay data management software which forms an integral part of ChemAxon’s compound and assay data management solution running on the Synergy cloud framework.

The goal of this prototype was to allow direct assay data upload from RSpace ELN to ChemAxon Assay without the need of any intermediate template.

After the creation of an RSpace ELN entry and the attachment of an assay data file, a user may click the ‘Assay button’ in the RSpace UI to begin the assay data upload. Subsequently, the ChemAxon Assay UI will open and the upload will be viewable in the task overview page. Task details from the RSpace entry are automatically populated into the task details of the ChemAxon Assay upload.

Going forward, ChemAxon and Research Space plan to create a deeper integration between our existing software, enabling our mutual clients to increase efficiency in the drug discovery process.