Chemicalize for WordPress

Posted by
David Bradley
on 03 09 2010
"Having recently bigged up the Chemicalize system that lets you view any web page or chunk of text containing chemical names with inline structures and links to property information generated on-the-fly, I thought I’d offer the Chemicalize team a little challenge via Alex Allardyce: to write a WordPress plugin so that I could Chemicalize all the pages on my site and so save visitors a click or two.

It took them a few moments to recognise the potential and ChemAxon team member and programmer Andras Stracz quickly came up with “Chemicalize for WordPress” (now at version 1.0.1 after I spotted a trivial bug on alpha testing). It’s active on the Reactive Reports site right now, so if I add a sprinkling of chemical names like: aspirin, viagra, and benzene, they should be underlined. Hover over any chemical name highlighted and you should see its 2D structure courtesy of ChemAxon and a click of the structure will take you to the properties page for the compound. There’s also a tie-in between and all additional steps towards the semantic chemical web.

The team will hopefully make this WordPress plugin for chemists available to all soon, I think they’re ironing out bugs and putting together documentation. So, watch this space."

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