Egis 5 years with ChemAxon

Posted by
András Dancsó
on 13 09 2019

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC has been a customer of ChemAxon for more than 10 years. The connection became closer when we decided that we migrate our old ISIS-based chemical database to a new platform engined by ChemAxon’s JChem. The integration was made by ComInnex and the new database has been running for 5 years. In the meantime many extensions were made and the development is continuing even just now. The database is a classical chemical one storing structures, reactions, and many related alphanumeric data as well. Naturally, it has a client-server architecture and the end-users reach it with the aid of a web-based platform. The main scope is to support the chemical research, this involves a chemical inventory system, a laboratory notebook functionality for the preparative research, the handling of analytics, and many other features. Instead of going into details the presentation will focus on some highlights: experiences with the ChemAxon modules, stereochemical problems, synthesis schemes as graphs, and the storage of NMR assignments.

Download the presentation slides