Handling, storage, classification and assessment of chemical substances for leading FMCG

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on 13 09 2021

The Client

One the biggest FMCG companies on the globe was referred to us by one of their vendors who have collaborated with ChemAxon’s Consultancy for integration of industry standard tools. The client had recognized they needed a system handling chemical structures as first-class citizens as their R&D needed to properly handle, store, classify and assess chemical substances used in their products. As one of the key enhancements to R&D substance management capabilities they needed to enable this system to support both physical and in-silico product development processes as well as safety and regulatory compliance checks.

The Solution

The client made it clear at the beginning that, to complement their internal development team, they want to rely on our expertise in the cheminformatics domain, and that ChemAxon should bring the industry best practices to the table. To accommodate all requirements, ChemAxon conducted a short scoping and agreed that the new system , developed internally, would integrate Marvin JS and Microservices products. Thanks to the openness of the development team, ChemAxon was able to help the client’s IT team in

  • designing and executing the migration of the structures and related data,
  • execution of data cleaning to improve data quality and consistency for legacy data
  • establishment of chemically intelligent quality checks for the new data
  • designing a containerized cloud architecture that is easy and cheap to operate
  • embedding Marvin JS and Microservices products into an internal system
  • defining business requirements coming from the chemists and translating them to the technical team
  • introduce industry best practices and how to exploit the best of the intelligence encapsulated into ChemAxon products.

Customer feedback

“Thanks to all for your focus in resolving issues and challenges with the implementation of the ChemAxon SW, infrastructure, and related data cleansing and loading activities. Well done to the ChemAxon team!"