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22 02 2024
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Drug Discovery Chemistry 2024

Join us at the 19th Drug Discovery Chemistry event in San Diego, California from April 1-4.

14 02 2024
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Bio-IT World 2024

Experience Bio-IT World with us in Boston this April. Come see us on the exhibition floor for a...

07 02 2024
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ACS Spring 2024

Meet our experts in New Orleans at the booth for a chat about cheminformatics, drug discovery, or...

13 12 2023
3 minutes

Roadblocks of DMTA project success - and how to eliminate them

Discover how to navigate complex challenges in your DMTA projects - make informed compound...

20 11 2023
11 minutes

"Make the company look like I won the lottery"

This article was originally published in Hungarian, in November 2023. Visit Publication Chemaxon...

02 11 2023
5 minutes

Overcoming Medicinal Chemists’ Reluctance to Use AI/ML Tools

AI/ML tools in drug discovery, concerns about data quality and availability, interpretability of...

31 10 2023
3 minutes

DMTA lead optimization: Where science meets project management

From hit identification to optimized leads; explore how effective project management techniques can...

26 10 2023
3 minutes

Automated model building using only relevant features

Accelerate your drug discovery process: Create multiple models effortlessly with Trainer Engine and...

27 09 2023
3 minutes

What is Kanban and how does it optimize early drug discovery projects?

Discover how Kanban optimizes early drug discovery projects. Visualize workflow, improve...

14 09 2023
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On-demand Webinar - Successful Hypothesis and Synthesis Management with Design Hub

In this webinar Dora Barna presents how Design Hub facilitates data-driven decision making and...

05 07 2023
2 minutes

Overcome challenges in collaborating with CROs - Documentation

Optimize CRO collaboration and documentation challenges with Design Hub's streamlined solutions for...

28 06 2023
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Overcome challenges in collaborating with CROs - Aspects of collaboration

Compound prioritization collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry with Chemaxon's Design Hub - a...