Calculation of the Global and Local Conceptual DFT Indices for the Prediction of the Chemical Reactivity Properties of Papuamides A–F Marine Drugs

Posted by
Norma Flores-Holguín
on 12 09 2020

ABSTRACT: A well-behaved model chemistry previously validated for the study of the chemical reactivity of peptides was considered for the calculation of the molecular properties and structures of the Papuamide family of marine peptides. A methodology based on Conceptual Density Functional Theory (CDFT) was chosen for the determination of the reactivity descriptors. The molecular active sites were associated with the active regions of the molecules related to the nucleophilic and electrophilic Parr functions. Finally, the drug-likenesses and the bioactivity scores for the Papuamide peptides were predicted through a homology methodology relating them with the calculated reactivity descriptors, while other properties such as the pKas were determined following a methodology developed by our group.

KEYWORDS: Papuamides; Chemical Reactivity Theory; pKa; bioavailability; bioactivity scores

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